Spectrums and Spheres

A Primer on Sexuality, Sexual Orientation, and Gender Identity

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Welcome to your introduction to sexuality, sexual orientation, gender identity, and more! This training is designed for learners of all backgrounds that are looking for information to better understand the basics sexuality concepts and terminology.

Training objectives:

1)Participants will increase their knowledge of LGBTQ terminology

2) Participants will increase their comprehension of various components (spheres) of sexuality.

3) Participants will be able to articulate the reality of sexuality spectrums versus binaries.

If you are seeking CEUs:

Certificate and information provided for social work and behavioral health CEUs. Participants are responsible for requesting and maintaining that information according to their profession’s guidelines. Please contact shar[email protected] if you have additional questions about CEUs.

Your Instructor

Emily Gillon
Emily Gillon

Emily Miller is the Director of Training at EyesOpenIowa, the state-wide leader in Iowa for adolescent sexual health. Emily oversees the Eyes Open Academy and Sexual Health Educator Certification Program, training educators, other professionals, parents and caregivers, and advocates of all ages on a wide variety of topics and curricula. She also travels across the country training sexual health educators and trainers on sex education best practices and skill development. Prior to her work as a trainer, Emily implemented sex education in classrooms and colleges across Iowa. Outside of training rooms, Emily partners with local faith communities to encourage and facilitate sex education and resources.

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